We’re moving to Madison! But not for another 3 months. We’re excited! Here’s why:

1. We’ll be in our own apartment.

2. There will be thunderstorms.

3. Fall will smell like fall.

4. There will be actual snow.

5. We’ll be living close to a lake.

6. We won’t be living under a flight path.

7. Ad gets to study rocks!

8. Alison gets to study social work!

9. America’s largest produce-only farmer’s market.

10. We’ll have a yard.

11. We’ll live in a neighborhood with sidewalks.

12. Closer to family.

13. New state!

14. Hopalicious…Ad will explain in a later post.

15. Free bus passes, courtesy of UW Madison.

While we’re happy to be moving on, there are certainly some things that we’ll miss about the Pacific Northwest…

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