I’ve taken a week to recover since my graduation last weekend. My mom, grandma, dad, brother, and brother’s girlfriend came from various parts of the country (OR, VA, PA) to celebrate and buy me food. We ate at a ton of good restaurants; Wild Ginger, The Harmon, The Rock, The Parkway, Gateway to India, and Paddy Coynes. My favorite was probably Wild Ginger, but the rest were insanely delicious too.

We also checked out the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and Everyday Music. I picked up Nine Types of Light, by TV on the Radio and Demon Days, by Gorillaz. They were half price in the scuff CD sale!

My actual graduation ceremony was longish and not the most exciting, considering we didn’t even get our real diplomas. The president of the university gave a good speech and I’m super glad to be done with undergrad.

Here are some photos of the big day, for your viewing pleasure!

Me and Jack

Me and my dad

My mom, me, and my grandmother

Me, my best friend/housemate Mike, and my awesome housemate/friend Andy

My friend and research partner, Katie

My friend Rachael

Technically, I haven’t actually graduated yet. I still have to complete a 5 week field camp in Wyoming. Anti-climactic, eh?

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