No Poo!

I’ve gone No Poo. That’s right, I haven’t shampooed my hair in a week.

Is it greasy, you ask? Oh yeah, but that’s temporary. When you shampoo your hair on a regular basis, you strip it of its natural oils (the good ones, which make your hair shiny and smooth).  The more often you shampoo, the more oil your scalp produces. When you stop shampooing it takes 2 to 4 weeks for your scalp to realize that it can stop making all that extra oil. I’ve just been wearing my hair in a pony tail, and you really can’t notice!

Is it smelly? No way. I’m still cleaning it; I’m just not shampooing it. I use a baking soda wash, and a lemon juice rinse.

  • Mix 1 tbsp of baking powder with 1 cup of warm water, so that the baking soda dissolves. When you want to wash your hair, use this mixture on your scalp and around your hair line. Massage, and rinse the mixture out. 
  • Follow with the lemon juice rinse. Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 cup of water. Just rinse the ends of your hair with the lemon water, there’s no need to do your whole head. Wash it out, and you’re done!  
  • As an alternative to the lemon rinse, you can use 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with one cup of water. I already had lemon juice on hand, which is the only reason I chose it over the vinegar.  
  • Just a note, I have no idea what this does to color treated hair. Lemon juice tends to lighten blonde hair (which is a-okay with me), so it might have the same effect on dyed hair.

Why on earth am I doing this? Two reasons. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for my wallet. Do you know what’s in your shampoo? Probably not, because (like me) you can’t even pronounce most of the words.  Many of the chemicals in shampoo are the same as those in your dish detergent. Icky. Over time, they can be harmful to your body and to the environment.  Of course you can avoid the chemicals and buy organic shampoos, which is awesome, but those are often more expensive. Most of you have seen Ad’s flowing mane. It’s beautiful, but it’s thick. We easily go through a bottle of shampoo and conditioner each month, which quickly adds up. The baking soda/lemon juice method costs us less than $1.00 per month! I love cheap. 

Wanna try? Check out Crunchy Betty’s blog and this NPR article for some more info. 

If anyone tries, I’d love to hear about your experience! 

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