No Poo – Week Two

It’s time for a No Poo update!!

It’s been two weeks now w/out Poo, and things are going well. (For those of you who are a bit behind, check out my previous post about my decision to stop using shampoo). My hair is significantly less greasy than it was last week, but it’s still a little greasier than I would like it to be. I’m not about to give up though, as I’ve heard that this stage can last as long as a month.

There have been some exciting side benefits to the No Poo decision. The skin on my face is much clearer, and it doesn’t dry out as much as it used to. I find I’m using less lotion and less makeup, both good things. I think I’m also covertly cleaning my shower! Baking soda has long been recognized as a cleaning agent, and lemon juice removes soap scum and odor.

Thoughts? Opinions? Is anyone else brave enough to try this?

4 thoughts on “No Poo – Week Two

  1. I just plain love your blog. Thoughts: This sounds great and you are an inspiration! But I’m sticking with my organic shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week for now. I water it down so it lasts me a long time, and my hair is much healthier than it was when I was using paraben rich chemical poo. Maybe when I run out I will try this-or for the road trip!

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