No Poo – Week Three

My hair is shiny and smooth! Still a little on the greasy side, but I think within the next week it’ll all be dandy.

I think it helped that I did a delicious sugar scalp scrub a few nights ago. During the No Poo process, your skin is overproducing oil and it tends to build up on your scalp. If you’ve ever itched your head, and found some crud (for lack of a better word) under your nails, then you need a good scrub. Gross, but true, so get over it. Just mix some brown sugar with honey and massage away! If you have thick hair, it helps to part it first. It works beautifully, and you can use any extra on your footsies!


6 thoughts on “No Poo – Week Three

  1. I have been on a no-poo method for a while now. Still a bit itchy… have to get some sugar scrubbing done now 😀 And today somehow my hair just decided it’s not gonna go clean. After washing three times! with BS and rinsing with ACV still feels greasy… arrghh… annoying hair day 😀

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