Movin’ and Shakin’

I am clearly guilty of blog neglect, but in my defense, I’ve been very busy. Tomorrow is moving day, or rather, the first of many days that will culminate in one big, glorious, long, stressful, exciting move.

Here’s the plan:

1.      I will rise with the sun tomorrow morning, shovel some food into my mouth, and then finish loading up my car. I already packed the trunk. Fingers crossed that everything fits! I’m actually pretty sure it won’t, but thankfully there is a Goodwill about 2 blocks from my house where I can take the extra bits. I don’t really need four umbrellas anyway, do I?

2.       Once I’m all packed, I’m heading to Oregon to meet up with my best friend, Emily, and my second mother, Sally. We’re going to Bend for a week! I’ve been waiting for this for months now, and I’m so happy that I get to spend some time with both of them before I leave the West Coast. Tea parties, craft shows, mimosas, and beautiful hikes are in my very near future!

3.       From Bend, I head to Wyoming/South Dakota to pick up my wild mountain man. I predict that he’ll be smelly, bearded, dirty, and loaded up with interesting rocks, but after a month apart that probably won’t bother me.

4.       Then onward we travel, to see another good friend of mine in Colorado, then family in Kansas (his and mine), then through Tennessee for the fun of it, then Virginia to see family (his), then home to Pennsylvania. I’ve really missed Pennsylvania, way more than I thought I would. I knew I would miss my family a lot (and I have) but I also just really miss the scenery. It’s impossible to compare the rolling hills of Appalachia with the jagged peaks and giant mountains that make up the Cascades and Olympics. They’re so different, and so hard to describe to someone who has only seen one, and not the other. The Puget Sound is certainly beautiful, but I think I prefer Pennsylvania.

5.       And because a cross-country trek just isn’t enough travel for one person, we’re going to Switzerland!! We’ll only be in PA a few days before we depart for two weeks of cheesy, chocolate, mountainy, Swiss goodness. It’s actually my college graduation present from my mom, a year late. Since she’s a wonderful mother, she knew I would want to wait until Ad could come with us, and since he has graduated he’s now a free man. The four of us (Mom, Me, Ad, and a family friend named Barb) will be staying in a chalet in a small Swiss village, and taking day trips via public transportation. My cousin Bryan is meeting us there, and will spend the first few days with us. I think Ad will be happy to have some male companionship.

6.       Once we get home from Switzerland, there will be a couple jammed packed days of doctors appointments, dentist appointments, car appointments, and friend seeing, before we leave for Madison.

As you can guess, you might not hear much from me in the next month! 

The stress of finishing up my last days of work on top of sorting, packing, and preparing to move have made me pretty whiney. But now that I’ve typed this all out, I can see that I really don’t have much at all to whine about! In fact, I’m a pretty lucky duck. 

Yeah, I’m good. In case you’re interested, the key is small boxes, with stuffed animals wedged in between. It’s pretty scientific. 

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