765 Miles

Just a short post tonight, because I’m exhausted. In the last two days, I’ve driven from Bend, OR to Dubois, WY. Here’s what I learned!

1. Drink lots of caffeine if you want to make it through southern Idaho w/out losing your mind. It’s so boring, and so beautiful at the same time. Think Mars, plus sagebrush, plus lava, plus cows, plus cowboy hats. 

2. Attach your bike to your bike rack with bungee cords. It’s a real bummer when it falls off as you’re merging onto the highway. 

3. Bison will go wherever they please.

4. Don’t drive through the Rocky Mountains after dark. It’s hard and scary. 

5. Be nice to the person behind the hotel counter. Hello $25 discount!   

I promise I’ll be posting some pictures soonish. I have some beautiful ones that I took when I was staying in Bend. 

In other news, I’m picking Ad up tomorrow! 5 weeks is too long. 

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