Switzerland – Hasliburg Reuti

As predicted, adisoninmadison has been dormant for a while while we were on vacation. But we’re back! And we’re actually in Madison! But first, let us tell you about Switzerland. We’re traveled through an organization called Untours. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to travel to a country where they didn’t speak the language, and wanted to live like a local.

After a long car/plane/train/bus ride (26 hours of travel time) this was the first view we were treated to in our village of Reuti. We stayed in an apartment there during our entire stay, and made day trips to other places.

And here is our apartment! We were staying on the opposite side of the building. Here you can see our landlord Elizabeth’s half of the house.

The Swiss really love their window boxes. This was the house across the street from us.

We were lucky enough to arrive on Swiss National day, so we were treated to tons of Swiss flags, and sporadic fireworks. After dark, you could see bonfires burning on most of the mountain sides, as people continued to celebrate into the night.

Reuti is a great example of a typical Swiss village, situated on an alp high above the valley.

And here’s a view of Reuti from the opposite alp. Below you can see the village of Meiringen.  Reuti is the tiny village that you see near the upper right corner of the photo. You can also make out a gap in the trees where a gondola runs from village to village. It’s about a 5 minute ride.

And we’ll leave you with the view from our living room window. The Wetterhorn is on the right. More to come!

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