Switzerland – Meiringen

More Switzerland!

In the valley below our home base of Reuti is the town of Meiringen, famous for it’s connection with Sherlock Holmes, and as the birth place of meringue. We visited Meiringen almost every day because the train went through it, and it was were we bought most of our groceries. Its a nice town to walk around with lots of shops, restaurants, bike rentals,  and some pretty older buildings.

This one was built in 1587. The flag has an eagle on it, and is the regional flag for Hasliberg (the collection of four small villages on the alps, including Reuti).

The owner of this meringue shop is in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the largest meringue ever. He had to cook it in a sauna, for something like 3 days!

Now to the Sherlock Holmes connection. In the book The Final Problem, Sherlock and his arch nemesis Moriarty were in the midst of a brawl when they fell over Reichenbach Falls, which killed them both. Or did it?

From Meiringen you can look up the mountain and see Reichbenbach falls. We took a rather harrowing bus ride up to them. Nothing sounds scarier than the horn of a Swiss bus, which the driver honks every time he goes around a blind turn.

Here’s the Sherlock Holmes Museum, in downtown Meiringen, and below are some photos taken at Reichenbach falls.


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