Switzerland – Interlaken and Harder Kulm

We took many day trips while in Switzerland, including one to Interlaken. We started the journey by bus, then we hopped on a train, and then we boarded a boat which crossed Lake Brienz. Swiss public transportation is truly amazing.

Here’s part of the happy party aboard the boat – My cousin Bryan, by mom, and our family friend Barb

The water was a vivid, milky blue.

Once we disembarked in Interlaken, our Untours guide suggested taking a funicular up to Harderkulm. Harderkulm is a peak that overlooks Interlaken, with views of the Jungfrau. The funicular ride was a little pricey, but our guide assured us that we would have no problem walking back down if we wanted to save some money. So we set off!

Here’s the funicular that carried us to the top. The ride was short (8 minutes), crowded, and very steep.

At the top we had lunch, and enjoyed the stunning views.

The Jungfrau made a brief appearance between the clouds.

Parasailors! They were everywhere.

After ogling the sights for a good while, we began our 3 hour descent. I’d like to point out that the waitress in the restaurant assured us that it would take about 45 minutes, but she was probably thinking of fit Swiss people, not pudgy Americans with poor balance. As we left the top, Bryan quickly found a branch for my mom that would work as a walking stick.  He and Ad had very little problem going down. I did okay for the first half, and kept up with the boys for most of the way, although I suspect they slowed down a little bit out of pity. Mom and Barb took the descent a little more slowly, but we all made it down in the end. I have to confess I was particularly proud of my mom, who had been walking and hiking for months at home to prepare herself for all of the hiking we did on this trip. I’m also pretty proud that I did the whole darn thing wearing Birkenstock sandals. I probably only whined a little bit. Here’s what we saw on the way down!

Here I am, back at the bottom. Look how far we hiked!

7 thoughts on “Switzerland – Interlaken and Harder Kulm

  1. Hi Alison, What a wonderful trip you all had. Thanks for sharing this momento. It made my body itich to follow your footsteps. Hiking Europeans were some of my early inspirations to keep myself moving throughout my life. When I graduated from college, my roommate and I hitch hiked through England and Europe for 10 weeks. We stayed in Youth Hostels and had a budget of $10 per day!! That was a long time ago!:) I remember eating cheese and steak fondue in a dark cave-type of restaurant in Switzerland.(That’s the only restaurant meal I remember) Janet Gyekis

  2. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Pat. My dad was in Switzerland during World War II, but the pictures I have seen were with piles of snow. You guys had a wonderful adventure. Liz

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