Merry in Madison

Finals are approaching and people are stressed, but things are merry and bright in the this house! At least we’re trying to keep them that way. The countdown to our trip home to PA has begun…although we’re still not sure exactly when it’s happening or how long we’ll be there. We’re counting down anyway. The time spent with family will be the perfect ending to a wonderful, eventful, and stressful year. No matter how many times I move, how many new jobs I experience, how many friends I make, or how many houses I make my own, nothing feels nicer than going home for a bit. I have perfect friends and family, which I was reminded of yesterday!

Seconds after I got home from class yesterday afternoon, the door bell rang. On my front steps I found a giant Christmas package addressed to me and Ad, full of gifts from our best friends Emily and Mike, and my west coast mom, Sally. I’m talking a huge box. I didn’t even know the post office would deliver packages this big. I promptly opened it and spread the presents out underneath our fantastic tree.




The Christmas cards have been flowing in, probably because I sent out tons. I’m all about snail me. I mean all about it. Very few things thrill me more than opening a handwritten letter. Seriously…send me mail.


During the material madness that sometimes takes over the holidays, it’s helpful for me to remember how many things I already have to be grateful for….supportive family, a cozy home that I share with my best friend, beautiful relationships that stretch across the country, a shelf full of good books, a college education, time to craft and contemplate, and a beautiful view out my front window. What things are you most thankful for during the holidays?

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