It’s Your Lucky Day!

A few days ago adisoninmadison reached 2,000 views! Apparently I’m not as boring as I thought. I’m simply astounded that the blog has been viewed so many times, and the support from all of my followers and readers means so much.


To celebrate, I’m doing a give away. That’s right! You can win something! For FREE! Up for grabs are some some heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. The goal of Seed Savers Exchange is to collect rare, heirloom garden seeds, and distribute them to other gardeners. The idea is to promote and preserve diversity in food crops, while also paying homage to our farming, gardening, food-growing heritage. The Seed Savers Exchange website explains the importance of this in lovelier words than I can find, so I encourage you  to check it out if you have the time.

Here’s the deal. These seeds are mine. I bought them for myself. I need them. I love them.  I have big dreams of a flourishing deck garden so grand that I can sit out there and the neighbors won’t be able to see me.  I will have enough tomatoes to feed a small army. That’s probably not realistic, but my ideas rarely are.

Luckily for you, most of these packets contain 50-250 seeds. I have a limited amount of space, and I would hate for these babies to go bad before I have a chance to use them all. So the extras are going to you!

Two beautiful winners will receive the following:

10 Wapsipinicon Peach Tomato Seeds – Heavy producer of 2″ round fuzzy yellow fruits. Sweet, juicy, well-balanced flavor. And best of all….rot resistant!

20 Lettuce Mixture Seeds – A mix of Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschluss, Pablo, Red Velvet, and others cutting lettuces.

10 Globe Basil Seeds – Globe bush with very small, thin leaves. Intense sweet basil scent with spicy flavor. Slow to go to seed.

20 Cilantro Seeds – A must have for your Mexican dishes. The fresh leaves are called cilantro, and the seeds are the spice called coriander! This was news to me. The things you can learn from the back of seed packets.

10 British Wonder Pea Seeds – A large-podded dwarf pea (sounds like a medical issue to me) with good yield. This seed has been around since 1890.

10 Blondköpfchen Tomato Seeds – That translates to Little Blond Girl, so I had to buy them. Small, gold-yellow 1″ fruits borne in giant clusters, excellent sweet taste. Rarely a cracked fruit.

10 Black Hungarian Pepper Seeds – 3 foot plants produce abundant yields of 4″ long fiery fruits, shiny black ripening to red. Medium Hot. Ad is all about these.

10 English Lavender Seeds – Grey-green clustered foliage and short spikes of violet purple flowers. Highly valued for cutting, drying, and aromatic fragrance.

20 Chives Seeds – Delicate onion-flavored foliage is good for fresh eating or cooking, excess freezes well. The lavender-pink flowers are also edible.

Here’s what to do:

Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite veggie is, and why. My absolute, w/out a doubt favorite is tiny tomatoes. Grape, cherry, whatever you want to call them. It’s like candy, but it’s a vegetable! As children, my cousin and I would pick them, arrange them on the leaves of my sunflower house, and then sell them to my mom for a penny each. Apparently I was very business minded as a child.

One week from now (Thursday, February 7th) I’ll randomly select 2 names from the comments below as winners! I’ll post the winners here, and I’ll also e-mail them privately to find out where they would like their spoils sent. I’ll include all instructions provided on the original seed packets.

Comment away! Tell your friends!

The winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Pat and Donna! I swear this wasn’t rigged, Ad drew the names with his eyes closed. Thanks to all who entered, and best of luck in future giveaways! That’s right, there will be more. 

6 thoughts on “It’s Your Lucky Day!

  1. well, my favorite veg is a tie between cherry tomatoes and leaf lettuce. Cherry tomatoes are little globes of sweetness that can be picked and eaten directly while I am coming in from hanging out clothes, going past the garden with a wheelbarrow full of weeds,or heading for a shady spot in the grass with a book in my hand. Lettuce–well, I just love salads. And they all start with lettuce. If the salad is diverse enough, I don’t even bother with dressing. Yay for veggies!

  2. Your going to make us pick favourites? ok… well, at the moment my favourite are beets. Of course, who doesn’t love a pickled beet, but roasted with carrots and turnips changes the flavour of all the other veg. Or even grated on top of a salad with crumbly goat cheese. Brings an earthy sweetness that can’t be beat…. Mmmmmmmm…… I’m off to the fridge…

  3. I think my favorite veggie is lettuce. Whatever the lettuce is, red leaf or iceburg, it goes with everything, The best is fresh out of the garden. When you add it to a sandwich, it makes it deluxe. When you make a salad, it’s the base ingredient and you can make it taste greek, italian, mexican, caesar or american. You can also give it whatever taste you want by just applying your favorite dressing and it actually doesn’t need anything else. The diversity of this veggie is unlimited. Lastly, my Gom loved fresh leaf lettuce sandwiches with mustard. The lettuce was piles high and the crunch in each bite was delightful. Now that she’s gone, I continue the tradition. I can’t wait to pick it when it’s ready and I make my mustard and lettuce sandwiches and sit with a smile on my face and say, to you Gom!

  4. My favorite is peas.Fresh out of the pod before they can be cooked.When I was little many moons ago we would help mom shell them.Of course more went in my mouth than in the pan.Wish I had some now.

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