Thrifty Thursday!

I’ve been fairly well behaved recently, as far as thrifting goes at least. There’s a thrift store 4 blocks from my house, and I’ve managed to stay out of it for about a month. But after class today the sun was shining, and I wasn’t quit ready to go home for the day, so I went in for a peek.

And lo and behold, a big old set of vintage Royal China Ironstone Star Glow dishes caught my eye. My dad first got me interested in mid century modern china and decor a few years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since.


I got 6 dinner plates, 6 small bowls, and 6 small plates for under $30. The small plates are actually saucers I believe, but they were being sold w/out their cups. I figure that if I ever stumble across the matching cups I’ll buy them, and if not, then I’ll just keep using them as plates. You can’t be picky when you’re thrifting!  Starglow is definitely not the most desirable mid century modern china motif,  but because of that it’s one of the most affordable .

IMG_8198 IMG_8201 IMG_8194 IMG_8197

Plus, I’ll get a little kick every time I use them because it’s the same set of dishes that the Weir family uses on Freaks and Geeks, arguably one of the best TV shows of all time.


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