Spring Break

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my week of spring break so far. I worked on Monday and Tuesday, just to build up some extra hours, but the rest of the week is all mine. Yesterday was well spent making Easter cookies and thrift store shopping!

I’ve shared this sugar cookie recipe before. Click here to see it. I’m pretty proud of the decorating job I did.




And here’s Ad’s egg. Get it? An egg on an egg! He’s a dear for always helping me ice the cookies. I start out very excited about cookie making, and about half way through I start to lose steam, so his help is always appreciated.


Now on to the thrifty finds. These linen napkins were a steal, and they’re now listed for sale  in my Etsy shop. I just love those bright colors for spring and summer.


And my new $5.00 tea cup! This thing is so girly and frilly and fancy that it hardly matches anything else in our house, but I felt I needed it anyway. I’m imagining it holding a giant bunch of nasturtiums this summer.

IMG_8269I’ve been working on this crochet wreath for a while now. I’m not sure it’s finished, it might need a few more little brown flowers. The inspiration and flower patterns came from this awesome crochet blog. Her tutorials are the best I’ve found, really easy to follow for a beginner like myself.

IMG_8282 IMG_8279 IMG_8281

And last but not least, my (rather artistic) cilantro seedlings.


We were hoping to go away for spring break, but grad students are notoriously low on cash. Staying home is fine with me though, and I’m doing all I can to enjoy myself. I love getting ready for Easter, spending time in my cozy house, cleaning in between craft projects, and having slow, happy mornings in my pajamas. .

5 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Love that tea-cup. Why do I never find such pretty ones? Crocheted wreath looks good too–keep up with the talent! Can’t wait to see what Brenda thinks!

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