Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to the second edition of Thrifty Thursday!

My posts have been few and far between over the last 2 or 3 months, but for good reason. I’m graduating with my Masters Degree in Social Work in three weeks, so my time has been spent writing papers and studying for tests. Not as fun as crafting and blogging, but it can’t be helped.

I do believe it is officially spring in Madison because I busted out my Birkenstock’s today. The tomato seeds I started indoors are coming along nicely, and lettuce, chives, and peas were seeded outside on the deck today. The sun warmed my back while I played in the dirt and it was glorious.

On to the thrifting. I kind of love doilies, especially now that I’ve learned first hand how difficult it can be crocheting them. I’m simultaneously thrilled and heartbroken when I find them in thrift stores, listed at 49 cents a piece. Thrilled because that’s totally w/in my budget, and heartbroken because many years ago it took someone hours to make something that’s now being sold for a pittance. I always snatch up because I’m constantly finding new uses for them. Here are three of my favorite ways to make good use of thrifty doilies.

Beautifying gifts! It’s like a little extra present.


Cheapest wall art ever. The whole shebang you see below cost less than $10. The wooden hoops were thrifted too, for about a dollar a piece. I couldn’t bring myself to trim around the edges of the hoop to remove the extra doily edge, so I rolled the edges of the doily down tight to the hoop and loosely sewed around them. If I ever get tired of the wall art I just have to pick the stitches out, pop the hoop off, and I’ve still got my doilies, perfectly unharmed.



I’m amazed at how detailed this handwork is!


I saved the weirdest for last…. upholstery patch. This chair is one of the first things Ad and I bought when we moved to Madison. There’s a community center parking lot a few streets away that turns into a giant outdoor vintage furniture sale once a week in the summer. We snatched this baby up for $8. I like the look of the chair, and it’s surprisingly comfortable, but it has seen better days. Just below is the before…see the big ugly hole on the cushion where the stuffing is popping out?


And the after!


And just in case you think I’m all frills and lace….here I am getting down with my power drill.


Got any suggestions for using doilies that I haven’t thought of yet?

12 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. I have a friend who pieces them together like a duvet cover, or sews them onto inexpensive or reclaimed quilts and blankets.

  2. I have no ideas for you . As you know I got in the wrong line when God was handing out creative genes. But I really like your wall art.I’m still amazed that you seem to be able to do anything. Why not me??? Pita said Hi.

  3. I saw a neat thing on a tv show one day for doilies….you get a big balloon blown up and then modge podge the doilies around the balloon leaving an opening at the bottom. When everything is dry, you pop the balloon leaving the doilies like a lamp shade – you can then wire it up with a light bulb you can buy at the hardware store and voila – a new beautiful light fixture! I haven’t tried it, but it looked really neat! On the show they used them in an outdoors “room”.

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