1 Year, and Veggie Gardening as a Metaphor for Kindness

1 year ago today I began my blogging adventure. A big thank you to all of my followers and readers, it’s been fun sharing things with you!

I thought I’d celebrate simply, with one of my favorite quotes. I was reminded of it today while admiring my heirloom tomato seedlings. It’s taken directly from a book called What’s Worth Knowing, by Wendy Lustbader. I’d highly recommend it, but of course that’s no surprise since it’s filled with the wisdom of elders.


Living Things Need Lots of Attention
Giuseppe Maestriami
Age 85

‘I don’t care if the whole neighborhood thinks I am a crazy old man. “There’s that old fool who talks to his tomato plants, who dotes on them all day long.” Let them laugh. My tomatoes always turn out to be the best on the block.

I touch my plants. I make sure they have plenty to drink. I pinch off the extra leaves, but I leave a few for a little shade on the hot days. Sure, I talk to them. Why not? Tending a garden isn’t so different from raising children. Plants like when you spend time with them. My kids turned out pretty good, too.

Another thing. Don’t keep the whole crop for yourself. There’s always people who don’t know how to make things grow, and they need your tomatoes more than anybody else.”

6 thoughts on “1 Year, and Veggie Gardening as a Metaphor for Kindness

  1. Oh dear I have always talked to my plants, I think it’s when they answer back you have to start to worry….the old gentleman is quite right they do respond to love and kindness, like any living thing really 🙂 Lovely post.

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