Thrifty Thursday, A Day Late

It’s a good day, that involves thrifting and sun hats.


Us pale folk must protect ourselves, so a good sun hat is pretty essential. Yesterday I was busy shopping, and gardening, and cleaning, and finishing the last paper of graduate school. Yay! I was so busy that I didn’t have time to post this as intended, so it’s just a day late.

Here’s a look at my thrifty finds for the week. I got these terracotta pots for a great price, $1.50 each. They’re now home to some nasturtium seeds that are waiting to sprout.



Some vintage lacy sewing bits to sell in my Etsy shop


And a super cheap embroidery hoop that I used to frame this newly finished embroidered Tufted Titmouse, also for sale in my Etsy shop.



I bought myself a wee graduation present… a pair of these pink dessert goblets.



This will be a good weekend. I have good friends coming to stay to help me celebrate my graduation. It feels good to done! Evenings and weekends will now be craft time, instead of homework time, and that’s pretty exciting.

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