I’ve Done a Silly Thing

I’ve been looking at photo albums from past vacations, and the desire to be somewhere else has hit hard. I mean real hard. It could not have come at a worse time considering my student debt, my lack of a full time job, and my rather lackluster summer plans. Ad is currently out and about, exploring places and doing science and going to conferences and seeing new things, and he will be for almost the entire summer. I’m very excited for him, but I’m a little worried for me. I will be alone in Wisconsin all summer, where it is flat and hot and still and slow and lonely.

I’d rather be England, or Pennsylvania, or Switzerland. I’d rather be somewhere where people know me. I’d rather be somewhere where I can go for a long walk and not run into another living soul. I’d rather be somewhere where I couldn’t hear garbage trucks, and airplanes, and trains, and ambulances, and my neighbors.

I know I won’t live in Madison forever, but patience isn’t one of my strong points. Living in town has me out of my element, and I need the country.

I’m finished whining now, and a cup of tea will cheer me up shortly. Does anyone have a few thousand spare dollars they’d like to donate to my vacation fund?

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