Crusty Bike Baby and Madison’s New Sexiest Man

I’m the proud mother of a crusty new bike baby! Except it’s not actually new. It’s old, made in England in the 60s or 70s. Which makes me love it even more. All it needs is a fancy little basket and a bell. I very happily purchased the bike at Dream Bikes, a non-profit bike shop here in Madison that partners with the Boys and Girls Club to provide job experience to youth in under-served areas. The young women who helped me pick out my bike was super smiley, super sweet, and super helpful. When I get home after purchasing my bike, I found that the gears weren’t changing quite right. The shop fixed it the next day with no complaints or fees. I was told to bring it back at any time if it needed adjustments or more repairs. It was a good experience, and I’d recommend the place to anyone who wants to buy a bike and feel good about it.


I’m happy with the bike, but my inner thighs are not. It’s been years since I’ve ridden a bicycle, and my legs know it. I’d like to tone up a little bit before the wedding and getting a bike seemed like the way to do it. I know myself, and a gym membership is not the answer. When I get home from work at night I feel like doing nothing, so I would never get my money’s worth out of a gym membership or exercise classes. With a bike I can at least exercise my legs while riding to the grocery store to buy chocolate. Maybe not a fool proof plan….


Ad wanted me to show off his new bike too! He found it hiding in the garden shed, and asked our downstairs neighbor if she was interested in selling it. After some new tires, new inner tubes, new chain, and one minor explosion, he got it in working order.


What I have to tell you next is possibly even more exciting than the new bikes. Ad got a hair cut. A significant hair cut. This is a huge deal. He’s been growing his hair for at least 7 years, and I’ve never known him with short hair. He’d slowly fallen out of love with his luscious long locks over the last year or so, and was ready for a change. After much back and forth, he made the appointment and decided to donate his tresses to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which provides free wigs to women with cancer.

The Before

The After

Not too shabby, eh? I’m a lucky gal.

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