Public Service Announcement: Ladies, Get those Boobies Squished!

I haven’t had a mammogram yet because I’m only 24, but I don’t imagine that they’re very pleasant. Whipping out the girls in front of a perfect stranger, slapping them on a cold slab, and having them squashed down by a machine sounds pretty uncomfortable…but it’s so worth it.

A few months ago, my mom went for her routine mammogram. Cancer runs in our family, so she’s aware of the importance of early detection. She gets a mammogram every year, as recommended by her doctor for women her age with a family history of cancer.  To make a long story short, the mammogram identified some “suspicious cells” which were discovered to be cancerous following a biopsy and an incision. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early before it spread or developed into a tumor. She was told by the surgeon at the breast health center that she is a mammogram success story. This is exactly how mammograms are designed to work. When done regularly, they have the potential to catch cancer in it’s earliest stages, when it is easiest to treat. 

After a few weeks of precautionary radiation, my mom is just fine. A little tired and a little crispy, but cancer free and taking a well-deserved vacation with one of her close friends. She was lucky. The type of cancer she had has a very high cure rate if caught and treated early, and is not an aggressive form. Even so, if she hadn’t gotten that mammogram a few months ago, who knows what her story would look like in 2 or 3 years time.

Here’s the lovely lady of the hour, happiest outdoors with a book in her hand.  (She’ll kill me for this!)


Procedures that can identify problems at an early stage (including the ever dreaded colonoscopy) are so important, and they have the potential to save lives. Your body is worth it, no matter how scrawny, lumpy, pasty, freckled, or flabby you may think it is. It’s lovely because it’s yours, and it’s the only one you’ve got. So readers, go tell your mamas, your sisters, your aunts, your daughters, your friends, your wives, your partners, your neighbors, and your coworkers…..get those boobies squished!!

7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Ladies, Get those Boobies Squished!

  1. Is not that bad, I have it done every 2 years and its worth it….my mum died of breast cancer at the age of 50. In England they chase you to have it done up to the age of 70 and then you have to ask for it to be done. So glad that you Mum is ok, its a horrible thing to have to go through Aunt Lynne xxxx

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