Meet Skelly

There is a new addition to the AdisonInMadison household!  Today we brought home Skelly, a 6 year old retired racing greyhound who we adopted through Greyhound Pets of America Wisconsin.  He raced for 3 years before retiring. He had a happy home until recently, when his owners discovered that their baby was allergic to him.


He looks small standing outside next to Ad, but he seems much larger in our tiny apartment. He’s very calm, and well behaved and he loves a good lean. His previous owner put a lot of work into training him, which we’re pretty thankful for as first time dog owners.  Greyhounds make relatively good apartment dogs, because they sleep most of the day and tend to be very low key. He’ll get daily walks of course, and one or two good romps a week in a fenced in dog park. His prey drive is pretty nonexistent ( a squirrel crossed our path on a walk this afternoon and Skelly didn’t bat an eye) so he can live very happily with cats. He’s great with kids as well! Pretty much the perfect pup.  I’ll post some more pictures as we get them. He’s not very photogenic, so this is the best we can do for now.


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