5 Months Later…

Most of you know that I graduated back in May with a Masters Degree in Social Work. Ad was away doing fieldwork at the time, so he and I never properly celebrated and he didn’t have time to pick out a gift for me. I did not let him forget this. In fact, I frequently reminded him of it. I’m not a greedy person, and I’m usually much more interested in experiences and adventures and memory making than possessions, but I felt I deserved a gift. It was a rough year.

Today, 5 busy months later, my gift arrived. And Ad did a good job!


The polka-dot bellied dog remains unfazed, and cannot understand what all of the excitement is about. He’ll soon learn. Tomorrow night Ad and I will head to the music store and buy some books, so that we can learn some songs together, me on mandolin, and him on guitar. Or me on mandolin and him on dobro. Or me on hammered dulcimer and him on mandolin. Or……. the possibilities are endless!


4 thoughts on “5 Months Later…

  1. Finally! Another post from you. Where have you been? Course I still haven’t made your grad. jewelry yet either. Coming home for Christmas? Aunt Sandy

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