Christmas Factory

I had off last Monday for Veterans Day, and I (very happily) found myself neck deep in projects that I’m trying to finish before Christmas.  We were in the midst of our first snow of the winter.  As you can see I wasn’t quite prepared for it, and the gardening things on the deck still need to be put away. And I suppose it’s the time of year to start feeding the birds again.


First, a few finished projects. I’ve been combining techniques (needle felting and crochet) to make some woodsy little ornaments.




And a work in progress. The goal, as always, is to hand make as many gifts as I can. Of course this means I do have to start very early.


When I really stop and think about it, most of the things that I cherish most have been handmade. Right now, I’m wrapped up in a flannel lap quilt that me and my aunt made for my great grandma when she was in a nursing home. After her death, it was passed back to me. From where I’m sitting right now I can see my hammered dulcimer, made by my grandpa. My jewelry box (also made by my grandpa) is full of earrings, bracelets, and pins made by friends and family. My favorite mug for tea is one that was made for me by my best friend. I’m surrounded by things that people put time, hard work, and love into, and I feel that love whenever I use those things. That’s why I try to hand make Christmas gifts for the most important people in my life. Those people are absolutely worth my time and effort, and I want them to know how loved they are. Can you tell I’m a sentimental gal?

I’d love to hear stories about your most cherished hand made possessions! I’ve got some tasty holiday recipes coming up, so look for those soon.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Factory

  1. Ali, glad to see someone else likes to make gifts. Isn’t it the best? I love that birdie and acorns. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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