Toasty Pursuits

Winter has most certainly come to Madison, and we’ve been doing our best to stay warm. We had our first sticky snow early Friday morning, and there are still traces on the ground.  It was 9º F when I left the house this morning, and I was very thankful for my incredibly warm, although incredibly unflattering, long puffy coat. I’ve finally got around to filling the bird feeder with seed, and I bought a new suet feeder as well, to help keep my feathered friends well fed and energized. I know they’re used to it, but I feel so bad for the birds in the winter.  

Because of the chilly weather, there has been a lot of this…


And a lot of this…


And Skelly has taken up permanent residence in a sunny spot. We’ve just ordered him a warmer winter coat (a very dignified green plaid number) so that he can still take his long walks that he loves. Despite being an adorable dog, he is extremely un-photogenic. I took about 15 pictures before getting one where he looked a little normal.


And my Christmas Cactus is in bloom! It’s taken a lot of self control to wait until after Thanksgiving to bust out my Christmas decorations.


Stay warm friends!

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