Homeward Bound

We’re leaving painfully early for Pennsylvania tomorrow morning, so that we can spend Christmas with family. Three cheers for 13 hours in the car! I think the only nasty weather we’ll encounter is rain, which I’ll gladly take at this time of year. In preparation for meeting the family, Skelly got a bath. He’s not a smelly dog, but we figured it couldn’t hurt. We all like to look good when meeting new people, right?  It’s the first bath we’ve given him, and he wasn’t thrilled. We used a home made oatmeal shampoo recipe. It has baking soda to eliminate odors, and the oatmeal should help with any dry skin. I’m not sure this would work well for all dogs, but greyhounds have such thin hair and minimal oils that it doesn’t take a strong or harsh shampoo to get them clean.

Looking spotty and a little pathetic…


He was happy when it was time to dry off. I’m rocking the PJs, as usual.


Recovering on his big bed.


Safe travels to anyone else who may be on the road this weekend. If you see a grungy Toyota Corolla heading east with a giant dog in the back and a stunningly handsome couple in the front, it’s probably us!

6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Have a really wonderful Christmas all of you, parcel went on the last day of foreign posting, so that should arrive. Cards…….might be a bit late. Lots of Love xxxxx
    Nancy says hi to Skelly xxx

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