Embroidery Hoop Doily Wall Art

I’m collecting doilies to create table runners for my wedding reception. The big day is still  a year and a half away, and it seems a shame to keep all that lacy goodness boxed up until then. So I’ve found a way to display some of my favorite pieces! It’s very inexpensive, both the doilies and the embroidery hoops can be found easily at thrift stores. I’ve never paid more than a dollar for one. This is so easy that it almost doesn’t warrant a tutorial, but I’ll give you one anyway for those folks who prefer step by step instructions to winging it.



Brightly colored thread or embroidery floss


Wooden embroidery hoops


1. Choose an embroidery hoop and doily that are roughly the same size, the hoop should be a bit smaller. Stretch the doily onto the hoop, although not too tight since your doily may be very vintage and fragile. Once stretched and secured, you’ll want to see some doily hanging out at the back between the tightened hoops. If there’s  not much there, choose a smaller sized hoop and try again.

2. Flip the hoop so you are working on the back. Have your needle threaded with brightly colored floss or thread, and knotted at the end. (A note about this section – you could skip this bit altogether, and trim your doily close to the hoop once everything is stretched and secure. All done! Because I need to use these doilies again, I didn’t want to cut them. I’m using a bright colored thread so that I can easily pull out the stitches and disassemble the art when I’m ready to use these doilies for another purpose. Who could cut such lovely things up anyway?!) Begin by rolling the extra doily bits down tightly towards the back of the hoop, and stitching them in place as shown below.




3. Continue to do this all the way around the hoop, keeping your stitches between 1/4″ and 1/2″ apart. It’s not going to look pretty from the back, but that’s just fine. You’ll have a chunky little roll of curled up doily, with brightly colored stitches every so often. You just want to try to minimize the amount of extra doily bits that you can see from the front.

Finished project from the back….


And from the front… You can barely see those rolled under edges.


That’s it! I promised you it would be simple. Hang a grouping of these on the wall in different sizes and patterns, and impress your friends. White doilies stand out nicely on our terracotta colored walls. Mixed pastel shades would look lovely on white or cream walls.


The collection is looking a little lop sided, but another trip to the shrift stores should fix that in a jiffy! I’m envisioning a whole swath of them spreading across my wall.


4 thoughts on “Embroidery Hoop Doily Wall Art

  1. Nice look! I have the opposite problem
    , tho–not enough wall space. it will look cool with a bigger swath of “framed lace” strewn across the wall.

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