Winter Chill

I’m home today with some nasty crud that I’m trying not to spread around the hospital where I work. It’s just as well really, because it’s nice being tucked up in my cozy house on such a chilly day.  It’s -11° F, but feels like -23°F when you factor in the wind chill, so it’s best to stay inside where the cold cannot sink into your bones, with a mug of tea. This is mug weather. A tea cup just wouldn’t cut it.


Not that I’m complaining! I live in a toasty heated house, and I really only have to go outside twice a day, to and from work. My heart goes out to folks  who don’t have warm houses to go to, and to the farmers who are trying their best to keep their animals warm and fed.  I can hardly fathom what it must have been like to live here before modern heating, and insulation, and fleece sweaters, and gas ovens, and thermal socks. Skelly doesn’t even want to think about it! He stays under his blanket as much as possible, although it slips off during the night when he re-arranges himself and he hasn’t figured out how to put it back on himself yet. That’s my job.


The Christmas decorations have come down now, for the most part. This always makes me a little blue, but I did feel ready this year. Our Christmas tree was beautiful, but much too big for our living room so it feels more spacious with it gone. There’s room to breath, and much more light. Some wintery decorations remain, both mine, and mother nature’s.




Stay warm!

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