Cozy Thoughts

The last few weeks have been spent trying to stay warm, with cozy activities and cozy thoughts. As you know by now, one of my favorite cold weather crafts is crocheting. You just can’t beat the warmth of a puffy toasty crochet blanket, that grows on your lap while you’re working away.  The blanket I’m working on now is still in it’s beginning stages, but we’ve got a few months of winter left in Wisconsin so I’ve no doubt that I’ll finish it before warm weather comes.

And while I absolutely appreciate the wonder of the seasons, I have been dreaming of warm weather. I worked up this forget-me-not teapot cozy free hand, so I now have a little reminder of spring in the kitchen. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, especially for a first attempt. The flower pattern is another freebie found here.




As if that wasn’t adorable enough, I’ve made some baby goodies. A coworker of mine and his wife are expecting their first child. I don’t know him well and I’ve never met his wife, but babies are worth celebrating so I wanted to give him something small. The hat pattern and glove pattern were both free, and worked up really quickly. I’ve finally bought a Clover Pom Pom maker which are all the rage, and I can see why. Such a nice fluffy pom-pom!


So enough of the cozy activities, on to the cozy thoughts. I live on a skinny isthmus that runs between two lakes, which have both frozen over for the winter. For the past few weeks Ad and I have noticed a mini evergreen forest out in the middle of Lake Monona. Last weekend, when the temperature was above zero and the wind was not whipping, we shuffled our way out to the trees to see what it was all about. Well I shuffled. Ad is much more capable of staying upright than I am on ice, so he strolled along confidently.



We found a carefully placed spiral of trees, covered in colorful fabric scraps with little written notes. The spiral is divided into two halves, Entrances and Exits. Each half of the spiral has a little wooden box full of fabric strips, a marker, and some instructions.


I decided to reflect on an Exit. My great grandpa ,who I’ve always called Pappy, passed away last fall, just shy of his 102nd birthday. His funeral was held in Pennsylvania, and I couldn’t go. Being new at my job, I didn’t have very much vacation time saved up. If I had taken time off of work to drive home for his funeral, then I wouldn’t have had enough time saved up to go home at Christmas. Christmas w/out my family was something I didn’t want to face, so I stayed in Madison and celebrated my Pappy’s life in my own way, as best as I could.

I guess I hadn’t quite finished my goodbye though, and I felt a bit overwhelmed and teary eyed standing in that spiral of trees surrounded by everyone’s reflections on the Exits they had experienced. It felt right to add my Pappy to this community of goodbyes, so that’s what I did.




Despite the fact that I shared the space in the spiral with some others, and there were happy dogs running around in circles, it seemed a very calm place. The snow keeps things quiet.


I had my moment, and then we made our way back home again. My head was full of cozy thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Cozy Thoughts

  1. Loved reading your post this sunny Saturday morning, dear Alison. I’d never heard of the tree spiral memorial. A thoughtful, soulful
    installment. Also, am enjoying the pictures of your fiber art. The tea cozy looks so cozy, and you will need those cozy thoughts, with the Wisconsin winter you’re having. You may thaw out by Mothers Day. Sending love your way.

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