Color and Clotted Cream

I’m ready for winter to end. It’s cold and dull and grey and it’s making me cranky. I’ve also been sick, which doesn’t help. I woke up this morning and felt as though I was on the edge of a grumpy mini-melt down. Not good. I knew what I needed…some color and some clotted cream.

First the color… some lovely pink tulips

IMG_0425 IMG_0432 IMG_0451

And some delicious wool roving…Flower colors


And Sky colors


Which will eventually turn into more of these sweet little needle felted bird ornaments!


Appropriately attired for this weather, no?


Also some colorful wedding decor goodies. The collection is slowly growing. I hope it all comes together nicely, without looking like I bought everything at thrift stores, even though I have!



And the scones and clotted cream. YUM.  With homemade strawberry freezer jam of course. Just like little bites of summer.




I’m now disgustingly full, and ready for an early night. I think I’ll survive the winter.

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