Mommy’s Lil’ Money Pit

Guess who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome! I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me.

It’s this guy.


He looks so normal, right? We got him last October and since that time he’s had a broken tail, a UTI, a trip to the emergency vet for fluids during a nasty bout of stomach upset, and now this. Maybe we should have stuck with cats.

Apparently Irritable Bowel Syndrome in dogs  is usually caused by anxiety, so we’re taking a natural, two step approach. First, he’s getting dried coconut flakes with each meal. Coconut is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it should help to reduce some of the inflammation going on in his gross inside bits. Second, we’re working on some new training techniques to let him know that we love him and we’re in charge, and there’s no need to be anxious. If that fails, we’ll try drugging him up! He was an anti-anxiety meds after first coming off the track, so maybe he needs those again.

But look at that face…cutest dog alive. Even if he does make my entire house smell like dog fart.

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