Dog Days of Summer

Today is supposed to be hot and stormy, so I took Skelly out for a run before lunch, before the heat of the afternoon. It’s important to correctly time his runs, especially in the summer. Greyhounds aren’t very good at keeping themselves cool, so if they get too hot it can be quite serious. They’re also prone to bloat, which means you must limit the amount of food and water intake they have before and after running. This is difficult for a hot, panting, post-run Skelly to understand. He just wants to chug water, but I can’t let him.

He starts with a sniff round the garden…


and then he runs…


and runs…


and runs. These pictures are really terrible, but it gives you a pretty good impression of what he actually looks like when he’s zipping around the yard. It’s impossible to take a non-blurry, non-missing leg, non-weird face picture of Skelly when he’s doing his thing. We’ll say that this next one is artistic.


And then he cools down in the new kiddie pool, which he’s is still trying to figure out. He thinks it’s a giant water bowl, but he eventually got all 4 paws in the pool and I splashed some cool water on him.



Then it’s back inside, to cool off in front of the fan.


Look at that smile!


He has a rough life, doesn’t he?


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