Faerie Garden

My mom and her friend visited me last weekend on their way home from an epic cross country road trip, and we went to one of my favorite garden centers. They have the coolest terrarium supplies there that I’ve been eyeballing for quite a while now, and I finally broke down and got some. I picked out some low light plants because my original intention was to make something that could sit on my desk at work, and I don’t have a window. I went with a neanthebella palm and “rose” hypoestes. I also picked up a mini “country mouse” hosta from the farmers market, which should never get taller than 4 inches. I just had to take a picture of the hosta vendor in her fabulous hosta leaf vest, and she happily obliged. I get the feeling she’s kind of used to it.


And the finished product…



It looks a little sparse at the moment, but eventually these tiny plants will grow and fill things in a bit.



I can’t get over how perfectly tiny this hosta is. It will grow wider, and a little taller, but it’s leaves will always remain this size. And it’s name, Country Mouse, is too fitting for me.


I realized after finishing this that there’s no way I can take it to work. No self respecting faerie could thrive in my grey dull office cubicle. I decided to keep my masterpiece at home, although I’m still searching for the right spot in the house to put it where the dog’s tail can’t reach!




11 thoughts on “Faerie Garden

  1. Love the Hosta, I haven’t seen one before, not sure it we have them here or I just haven’t seen them, but a lovely idea…….must make some for our office 🙂

    • Good point! The real problem is that I’m not sure how I would get it there. It’s heavy! I might have to wait until Ad comes home, so that he can drive me in to work with it. I usually take the bus, and I think that would be a disaster.

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