This dog of mine is doing an excellent job of preparing me for motherhood. In the last 48 hours he’s been frantically driven to the Emergency Vet Clinic twice, gotten two sets of x-rays, gotten two ultrasounds, gotten complete blood work done, gotten loads of fluids, had a catheter placed and removed, and scared the living day lights outta me several times. I’ve gotten really good at  picking up weird poops, giving scheduled night time feedings, hiding pills in food, crying, and spending big amounts of money at the drop of a hat. He’s fine now apparently, or not. The vets don’t really know. His little intestines were so expanded and filled with gas that he was in a great deal of pain and his heart rate shot up to a crazy high number. Nothing looked concerning on any of the tests that they ran, so Skelly has stumped us all!  He’s snoozing on the floor now, under the influence of some lovely pain meds.


And boy can I tell you, I am ready for Ad to come home. There are plenty of good things about living alone, like being able to sleep like a star fish and never having to shave. And I can watch as many period dramas as my little heart pleases. And I don’t have to apologize for dressing like a little house on the prairie cast member in my comfy summer flowery dresses. But honestly, I do all of those things when Ad is here anyway, and for whatever reason he doesn’t seem to mind!  I am ready to not be solely responsible for another living creature, because it’s scary. And I”m ready to have my best friend back. And I only have to wait three more days!

9 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Hi honwy. Sorry to hear that your dog-child is unwell. No matter what, you are doing a wonderful job of being a responsible and loving pet owner. Emily’s cat, Izzy, has cost us thousands and thousands of dollars during her 11 years of being part of our family. I love her dearly, and always dash off to the vet when that needs to happen. I am so very happy to hear that Ad will be back in three days. It’s hard going it alone, ‘though you do an amazing job of it. Love and hugs from your West Coast Mom

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