Happy Gotchya Day Skelly!

One year ago today, we made the hour drive to pick up Skelly from his old home. Ad and I openly proclaim ourselves as cat people. We both grew up with them, and neither of us had ever had a dog before. Our current landlord said no cats….so we took a leap and decided to get a dog. Greyhounds are about as cat-like as a dog can get. They like to sleep and snuggle, they don’t actually need a ton of exercise, and they rarely do what you want them to.   Sadly, Skelly’s previous owners had to give him away when they learned that their toddler was severely allergic to him. But I must say, it worked out very well for us. He had spent 3 years with them, so was already well trained and adjusted to living in a home, which can be a difficult transition if a greyhound is fresh off of the track. It took him a while to warm up to us. It was a good 6-9 months before his full personality began to shine.

And my gosh, did we quickly learn that this dog is a huge sweetie. He wants nothing more than to snuggle with you (or without you) on the couch or bed.  He even purrs……sort of. It’s more of a throaty mumble that starts up when he’s getting some serious snuggle time in. He loves strangers, including children, and has gotten used to being approached for pets and hugs during his daily walk. He’s actually quite confused when we pass someone on our walk who doesn’t want to pet him. He recently spent a long weekend at Nancy’s house, his favorite place to board when we’re out of town, and she declared that her next adoption will be a greyhound, because she fell in love with Skelly.

As most of you know, there have been a few snags. Our first year with Skelly was not an easy one. There was a broken tail, some digestion issues (to put it delicately), and at least 3 trips to the emergency vet – all of which are slowly being paid off (thank goodness for emergency credit cards!). But it’s okay because we love this dog, and he loves us. He has taught Ad and I a great deal about responsibility and love and loyalty and carpet cleaning, and has made our lives immeasurably better.






So….Happy Gotchya Day Skelly!

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