Winter White

It’s good and cold here. Face-hurting, lung-surprising cold. Skelly loves to eat the snow, but hates to walk in the cold. He wears his sweatshirt inside all the time now, and then we throw a coat or two on over top of that when we go out for a walk. If he’s on his bed, he’s under his blanket. He has finally learned to gently stand up from his bed, walk to his food and water bowls with blanket still draped over his shoulders, and then mosey back to his bed to lay down with the blanket still covering most of his body. Since he and I are the only ones home during the day, we don’t turn the heat on. We just layer. I found him like this yesterday afternoon…



With his little investigation cone sticking out for fresh air…


I love catching the frosty bits that form on the windows before they melt every morning. Just think, late sleepers miss this!



I hit a few thrift stores earlier this week. I didn’t find a whole lot, but did bring home some gorgeous cloth hankies. As a little gifty to our wedding guests, there will be a basket of cloth hankies at the ceremony site for those who need them, to catch the happy tears. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for an extra-special one for me to use, and I think I may have found one. Or two? I can’t decide. I am a big old crier, so maybe I’ll need both! I’ll certainly need waterproof mascara.

Here’s the first one…




and here’s the second one…



Which do you think?

Stay warm!



2 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. I think the “something old” cloth hankies are beautiful, just like you. Your wedding day is going to be so wonderful and personal. I just love what you’re doing. As for Wisconsin winter white, better you than me. It’s 50 degrees here this morning, and that’s a perfect winter morning temp for me. After being born and raised in northern Wisconsin, I’m a big fan of the Pacific Northwest, or Northwet at this time of year. Sending love and hugs your way.

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