Happy Things

So many things have made me happy lately. I really do love this time of year.

I started my Christmas baking, which is a happy thing. I’m not doing a lot this year, since we’ll be traveling home, but I am making a few things to ship off as gifts before we leave. And lucky me! I get to taste test them all. I decided to make some shortbread cookies, since they tend to keep very well. The first ones I tried were Chai flavored (the recipe is here) and they are absolutely delicious.  Perfect with a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea, in a purple cup no less. I followed the directions exactly and they turned out well. It was a little splurge to buy the ground cardamom that was called for, but these cookies don’t take much, so I think I’ll get my money’s worth in the long run. Next time I’ll make larger cookies, instead of so many tiny ones like the recipe instructs. Just personal preference. What can I say? I like big cookies.



I also made some caramels for the first time, also to use as gifts. The recipe for these Salted Whiskey Caramels can be found here.  The whiskey flavor isn’t overwhelming, but they do taste noticeably richer and darker than regular caramels.  I wrapped them up in parchment paper, and added some washi tape to keep them closed, and to make them look a little more festive.


I finished writing out my Christmas cards, which is a happy thing. 66 this year, which I think might be a record. It does involve spending a small fortune on stamps, but I love sending holiday cards as much as I love getting them.  Which is a lot. I always re-purpose the ones I receive, either turning them into gift tags, or using parts of them to make new cards. And how cute are the Rudolph stamps this year?!



I watched my lazy dog lay around in his new sweater, which is a happy thing. He only had one indoor shirt before, which isn’t really enough for the amount of time he wears it (always in the winter!), so I found a second one on sale. And a third one. Oops!



I decorated my house for Christmas, which is a happy thing. Especially because so many of my decorations were handmade by myself or loved ones. Like these turned wood ornaments that my grandpa made for me.


I took a break from crocheting to do some embroidery, which is a happy thing. Can you tell I’m on a french knot kick? I’d be all up on these curly-cues if they could be made human size. Just imagine!



I went back to crocheting, in the sun, which is a happy thing. This piece has been a bit of a challenge for me d/t the small hook size and fingering weight yarn. It’s not often that I whip out the 3 mm hook and anything other than worsted or bulky weight yarn, and when I do it’s rarely for a project this large. But challenges are good, and it’s turning out really lovely so far.




I’ve also been doing some unhappy things, like washing dishes, and doing laundry, and dusting, and sweeping, and budgeting, and grocery shopping, but we won’t talk about those.

What have you been doing that makes you happy?

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