This is what happens when your favorite antique mall has a store wide sale…

Things are rather busy here. I’m frantically trying to finish some Christmas gifts before we head home to PA late next week, and Ad is working his little tush off to finish his thesis.

Fortunately, I made some time to visit a local antique mall. I know that now is not the proper time of year to buy things for yourself, but Ad bought himself a new phone (which strictly speaking, he did not need) so I decided so splash out too! I did well in the wedding department, snagging a few more vintage bottles at no more than $2.50 each for the table decor. I thought the ‘Wildroot Company Inc’ one with the fancy neck was really pretty. With some help from Google, I found out that it is an old Hair Tonic bottle!




I also made good on a plan that has been hatching in my wee mind for a few months now. You know how I get. Occasionally an idea pops into my head and I cannot let it fly out again (ahem….wedding bunting). My most recent fixation is themed Christmas trees. As you know, I didn’t put up a real tree this year, which I always insist on. So next year, I’m going all out. I’ve decided that I need at least two Christmas trees, although they can be smallish. One will be decorated entirely with vintage ornaments, in shades of silver, pink, and green. So I bought these beauties on sale…




And the other will have a woodland theme. I think that I’ll make most of the ornaments for that tree by hand, but I did see this little woodsy cottage that I thought would be perfect.



I also picked up some vintage cards. At $1 each, these are so much cheaper than anything I could buy new, and they’re a lot more charming.





I’ll probably hold onto those Christmas ones for a year or so to decorate with, before I use them as actual Christmas cards. I thought this one was cute, and slightly humorous, considering the fact that Ad had no clean clothes to wear to school this morning since I’ve neglected to do laundry for over a week. I’ll get on that real soon.


I also picked up this mid century Faith Austin handkerchief at $2, which is a total steal since they go for $15-20 on Etsy. Obviously I haven’t washed and pressed it yet, in keeping with my “I don’t feel like doing laundry” theme.




What else have I been up to? Crafting of course. Here is a sneak preview of something that I’m working on…


And the bird factory is back in production. It really is therapeutic to sit on the couch in my pajamas stabbing a little blob of wool with a sharp needle. Until I miss the wool blob, and hit my finger instead. My newest creation, which I totally love, is a little Mrs. Bird with her own crocheted shawl.



And now for some general Christmas-y goodness!





Did your heart just melt a little? Yeah, I thought so.

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