I’m still here!

And here at the moment, is Athens, Greece! A few of you asked how I managed to keep this vacation quiet on the blog, and the answer is that we took our sweet time planning and actually left things rather late. We were on the road heading home for Christmas by the time we finally got around to booking our accomdation through Airbnb. An uncomfortable situation for someone like me who usually plans far, far in advance for even tiny things. With holidays, miles and miles of driving, family events, and wedding planning, blogging sadly found itself at the bottom of my to-do list.

We’re at the tail end of our trip now. We’ll be hopping on a plane and flying back to the states tomorrow. I promise you several informational, educational, and photo laden posts about our trip when I get home (because I’ll totally have time to do that while we’re moving to Texas right?), but for now here are a few low quality cell phone snaps in absolutely no particular order of our time in Athens, Rhodes, and Tilos to keep ya going.

IMG_20150113_155058805 IMG_20150113_160459496_HDR IMG_20150114_143103250 IMG_20150114_155645525_HDR IMG_20150115_131052006_HDR IMG_20150116_124721626 IMG_20150116_124730171 IMG_20150118_103627700 IMG_20150117_115748304 IMG_20150117_121041408 IMG_20150116_124737343 IMG_20150118_163243073 IMG_20150117_121047948

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