Creature Comforts

First my apologies, it’s been a while! We have moved to Texas, Ad has started his new job, and I am still unpacking. But between wrestling with cardboard boxes I have been trying to do normal, cozy, comfy things to help me make myself at home. I’m not great with changes, especially giant life altering ones, so it’s slow going. My pudgy little hands have been kept busy with a few different projects. I’m participating in two craft fairs towards the end of this year (eeeeeeek!) so I’m trying to get a large chunk of work done now, in case I eventually find a job.

I’ve been on a bit of a cross stitch kick lately, and there are loads of small, simple, free patterns to be found online that make great little ornaments. I don’t love stitching on aida cloth, I’d rather use linen, but I found this at a thrift store for a pittance. The pattern for the sweet little Russian Doll can be found here.




This vintage inspired wooly wonder is all for me. I don’t often make things and then keep them, but my mom gifted me the colorful wool so I decided it needed to stay. I love Lucy’s Neat Ripple Pattern. It’s easy enough to do w/out much thought, almost rhythmic when you get going, and very calming, but with stunning results. The colors my mom picked out have a very vintage feel, which is right up my alley. I paired them with a light heather grey since there wasn’t enough to to do the whole little throw in color. I think I will be quite happy with it when it’s complete!



We had our first house guest last week, which was a treat for two reasons. One, we had a guest room to put him in! Two, more importantly, it was Ad’s brother Jack, and we both love spending time with him. One of our days was spent in Galveston, where we visited the Jungle Pyramid at Moody Gardens.







Also it’s spring, apparently. I guess that happens in March when you live in Texas! These were taken in my little back yard, you may note a blurry pup in the background. What I’m really waiting for is the blooming of the bluebonnets, which are the Texas state flower and pop up during March and April.





Last, but certainly not least, a huge, giant, more than I can even express THANK YOU to all the Social Workers out there! March is Social Work Month, so if you know any social workers, please take a quick minute to thank them for the incredibly hard work that they do. As an unemployed Social Worker, I felt I deserved a small self-imposed gesture of appreciation….so I bought myself an orchid! Cause sometimes you just need to do nice things for yourself.



That’s all for now. We’ve got some self torture Ikea furniture to put together today, so I need to set aside about 14 hours for that. I promise not to be such a stranger in the future. I’ve been working on a few posts from Greece but it’s taking a while to sort the pictures out.

It’s nice to be back!

9 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. Sure glad you are back. I loved all the pictures. I hate to tell you change only gets worse the older you get, I didn’t think it would happen to me but it has. Loved your hats I saw at your mothers’ house.

  2. I forgot, I love orchids and I don’t think they are expensive, the flowers last longer than any other. I had quite a few in New Holland and had some success with them, but not in Tioga County.

  3. About time you are back!!! I’ve been watching your blog and wondering where you were. Love the Xstitch. Where is the little deer pattern? So cute and love the floss variegation.

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