Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival

Last week Ad and I drove about an hour northwest of Houston to Chappell Hill, for the town’s bluebonnet festival. We had visited the area before on our first bluebonnet search, but decided to go back for the festivities. We saw several fields of bluebonnets, but it’s a bit difficult to stop and get pictures, especially with Ad in the driver’s seat zipping along.

IMG_2661 IMG_2664

As you can see, this part of Texas is really beautiful. The picture’s don’t quite do it justice, but you get the idea…great swaths of blue among the green.

There was no entrance free for the festival (which was great!), but I was a little disappointed with the quality of the craft vendors. I was looking forward to all kinds of wonderful, hand made works of art, but that wasn’t the case. I did make one super-duper purchase though…creamed honey with cinnamon.


How have I not had creamed honey before?! It was delicious. Adding this to my list of things to make once I have bees.

Despite my disappointment with the festival itself, Chappell Hill is a beautiful little town to walk around. There are 5 buildings that are looked after by the Historical Society. We visited the church, with original wavy glass windows and baptistry hidden under the stage, as well as the Library built in 1912.

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2659

I love that this library is still being put to use! The lovely lady inside explained that the books on one side are still circulating, and can be checked out. The books on the other side are over 100 years old, and can only be used in the library. She explained that she tries to get the children in the neighborhood interested in the library by giving a prize each year to the child who can find the oldest book. I love it! And I also loved these four-legged neighbors across the road from the library.


Ohhhhh, if only it weren’t an hour away from Ad’s job. I would love to live here.

I’m going to switch gears now, to share a terrifying statistic with you. The wedding is less than two months away. Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment, and then panic. It’s all a big game of hurry up and wait. There is so much left to do, but I can’t really do any of it until I know how many people are coming, and I won’t know how many people are coming until I get RSVPs back, and I won’t get RSVPs back until after people get their invitations, and invitations won’t go out until the return address labels arrive from the printers, and the return address labels were supposed to have arrived yesterday but they didn’t!

Deep breaths.

I’m working on the things I can work on. The bunting for inside of the reception tent is going to be stunning, thanks to a community of beautiful women who have helped to sew little triangles. The dress fits perfectly, so I just need to avoid eating my feelings for the next 2 months. The make up has been purchased, and I have practiced putting it on (cause I don’t have a clue in that department). The shoes are being broken in a little each day so I’m not dancing with blisters on the big day. The bleach has been purchased, to clean out more grimy vintage bottles than I care to count. And the veil arrived in the mail. Such a tiny little purchase, but I can’t stop myself from taking it out of the box every couple of days for a peak. So I’ll give you one too!

IMG_2673 IMG_2675

See? It’s perfect. I can’t show you the whole thing of course, or it will ruin the suprise, but it’s dainty, and romantic, and a teensy bit quirky. I think it’ll do the job.

Alright…off to do some upper back and arm toning. The dress fits nicely, but there is a little more spillage than one would hope for, so I’ve got two months to tighten things up a bit. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival

  1. Great! A place to go see when I come for a visit! I’m hurt that the tree chopping issue wasn’t mentioned in the post (just kidding. Cheri’s coming to help tomorrow)

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