Garden of Promise

One of the things on my bucket list is to have a stunning garden, like my mom’s. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy working in the garden quite as much as she does. While she spends most of the day in the garden, coming in for meals, I’m maxed out after about an hour or two. Especially in the Texas heat (says the northerner in April – I know it will get worse). I felt lucky this morning to wake up to 58 degrees. We had a big storm blow through last night, which dropped the temperature and some 1/2″ hail.

I haven’t shown you many pictures of my garden yet, because it is in rough shape. The front is completely overgrown with shrubs that have been let go for too long. The back beds are full of weeds and not much else – grasses, and some terrible vine that ducks in and out of the soil, anchoring itself all along. It’s a real pain to pull out. The placement of the gardens isn’t very inspiring either. Long skinny beds along the three fenced sides of the yard in the back, with a rectangular raised bed plopped down in the middle.

This will never be my dream garden, but it will do for the few years that we’re likely to live here. Since we’re here temporarily I hesitate to pour money into landscaping, but I can pull the weeds, plant a few cheapo (and free!) things, and throw down some mulch to make things look decent.

The raised bed already had some lavender and rosemary in it, so I’ve left those and added cucumbers and zucchini. The skinny bed along the fence that gets the most sun is now home to tomatoes. Some free rudbeckia and mexican bush sage that we got at a ‘green’ event downtown will also go there, as soon as I get more area weeded.

But things are promising! There is promise of blueberries…


and oranges…


and zucchini…


and tomatoes…


and slimy salads…

IMG_2677 (2)

I’m not actually sure what that orange tree will do. What I know about fruit trees wouldn’t fill a thimble. The orange tree doesn’t seem to have pollinated very well. There is one area on the back of the tree with several fruits starting, and the rest of the tree is bare. There is also a tiny fig tree, but it’s too small to do much of anything at this point.

We’ll see how it all goes!

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