Aww, Crap

I had grand plans of showing you the adorable cross stitched lavender sachets that I’ve made for craft fairs this fall, but they’re not done. Because my sewing machine needle broke. Right when I needed it the most – to make mother’s day presents, and to finish wedding bunting, and to finish my little lavender sachets. Normally this isn’t a big deal, you pop the broken needle out and replace it. But my stupid needle broke flush with the little opening that it lives in, so there is nothing for me to grab onto to wiggle it out. This means I have to pay someone else to do it instead, and I can kiss that extra babysitting cash goodbye.

Oh well, minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

I do have a shot for you of one fall themed, partially finished sachet. Think anyone will pay good money for these? We’ll have to wait and see.


And the bunting progress! I ordered 200 yards of bias tape from Etsy, which has been working really well. Ad said it all looked very professional, which I thought was quite nice of him! And then he told me it also kind of looked like underwear, which was less nice of him, but slightly true. Picture hundreds of little thongs strung together and swaying in the breeze on the day of my wedding…


On Saturday we woke up to a strong thunderstorm. We get a lot of those here, which I usually enjoy. When I had finished with laying in bed listening to it, I made myself a cuppa and snuck out to the screened in porch to listen to the rain, sip my tea, read my book, and smell my hyacinth. Not a bad way to start the day.



Houston is getting hot and humid. I love hanging wet clothes out on our line to dry because it saves energy and makes them smell so fresh, but it’s nearly pointless now. It’s so humid and it rains so frequently that it takes days for anything to dry all the way. Something unexpected that I’ll have to get used to.

All this heat is making me crave cool, juicy fruits (with loads of sugar, because it’s me we’re talking about) so we’ve been on a bit of a fruit kick in our house. Berries and yogurt for breakfast, sloe gin fizz’s to cool off in the evening, and fruit tarts or lemon drizzle cake for dessert.




Despite the heat, humidity and relentless mosquitoes, I’m enjoying some aspects of the warmer weather. It means badminton in the backyard…


evening drives to spot some outdoor art…







and critter sightings…



I’m getting increasingly excited about my volunteer position at Vaughn Gage Healthy Aging Center. I’ve been popping in there for a few hours once or twice a week to help out as needed. Eventually I’ll have a large role in recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers. I’m training my first volunteer later today! She will be our Public Relations person, alerting the press to the fun activities we do with participants, sending out newsletters to participants and their caregivers, that sort of thing.

Things will be quiet here for the next week or so. I’m heading home to PA tomorrow for a much needed visit with family, which I’m really looking forward to. There’s an adorable new member of the family that I can’t wait to meet, and several hundred vintage glass bottles that need the crud cleaned out of the bottoms for the wedding. We’ll call it a working holiday. So goodbye, until I return!

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