Home and Back Again

I spent the last week in Pennsylvania, visiting family, and working on wedding projects. I first typed that I spent the last week at home. I still think of Pennsylvania as home, more so than I think of Texas as home. My house is in Texas, but my home is in Pennsylvania.

There are so many reasons I loving visiting Pennsylvania. I can sit in the grass. I can garden bare foot. I can sleep with the windows open. I can walk to my grandma’s house. I can hear the peepers at night. I can leave my curtains open. I can drink water straight from the tap. So many important things. On this last trip, I noticed in particular how much light my mom’s house – my childhood home – has. The windows are large and numerous, and because you can hear the birds chirping, it almost feels as though you’re outside.

The house Ad and I live in doesn’t have that sense of light, but for good reason. Fewer windows means less sun creeping in and warming the house, which means you don’t need to run the AC as often to stay comfortable. It stays even cooler if the blinds stay shut in the rooms that aren’t used, like the guest room, but it does make the whole house feel darker. I guess it’s a compromise. When I let these things bother me, I need to remember why we made this move to TX – financial security, the chance to start saving for a home, paying off college loans, Ad gaining valuable job experience – and I need to remember that it’s temporary. I can do anything for a short amount of time. I’ve proven that to myself before. It is a means to a very lovely end. That’s how I need to look at it. With excitement about what it will result in, rather than impatience because it’s not what I want to be doing right now. I’m not known for my patience! Great hair and winning personality, yes. Patience, no.

Some shots from home, around the house and the yard. Maybe you’ll see why I love it so much!






















And now, for any plant people reading…can you tell me what this is? I just noticed it blooming in the back yard and I’ve never seen it before. Pretty though!



Must get back into the daily routine now, starting with a cup of tea.

~ An update: The above flower is Alstroemeria Psittacina – Parrot Lily. Thanks for the help! Glad it started flowering before I weeded that section, or I might have pulled it out accidentally!

9 thoughts on “Home and Back Again

  1. Looks like some type of alstromeria, but that could be way off. I know they would be hardy in Texas, but not sure when they would bloom there. We’ve just gotten an inch of rain, and it is still raining, so will be a good time to mulch. Just spent twenty minutes watching a pair if indigo buntings and five or six rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeders–along with some blue jays and a cardinal–very colorful on a grayish day.

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