Where my Plant People at?

One of the perks of moving (yes, I’ll admit, there are a few) is discovering new gardens. I was thrilled when I learned that we had blueberries, and an orange tree. And today an even better surprise… our fig tree has figs! Our landlord commented a few weeks ago that it seemed to be growing more than it ever had before, probably because “somebody cares about it” she said. Well I certainly do care about my dinky little garden, and I’m really excited about the thought of fresh figs. I swear they just popped out while I was gone last week.


I spotted this little fellow while I was pondering the amount of work that needs to be done in the gardens in front of the house. A Green Anole – which is obviously brown in this picture. They can change colors! I doubt he’ll be very helpful when it comes to weed pulling.


And now, I have a second favor to ask of my plant people. You helped me figured out the Alstroemeria mystery a day or so ago, and I have some more plants that I need help identifying.

Number 1….looks incredibly familiar, but I don’t know the name.



Number 2…looks awfully familiar as well.



Number 3…the one with the dark red flowers, not the little weedy vine that needs to go.


So what do I have here?

8 thoughts on “Where my Plant People at?

  1. hello, the first is lantana and comes in several different kinds trailing and bushy and I will say reg. need to go so don’t have time for the other. Lucky you all that in the garden and a creature.

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