Love List

Hello faithful readers!

I’m happy to be posting again after all of the wedding and honeymoon festivities. When we got back to Texas I had a few mopey days full of “Why can’t we just move to the Smoky Mountains?” and “The most exciting day of my life is now over…what is there to look forward to?” and “Why in God’s name did they build a city on a mosquito infested swamp?” and “I swear if it doesn’t stop raining, webbing will start growing between my fingers and toes”…and that kind of crap. But I’m back into the swing of things now. Crafting, volunteering, and working super part time as a volunteer coordinator from the comfort of my couch.

I can’t wait to show you a few wedding photos, but I’ll wait until I get the professional ones back, so that I look extra gorgeous for ya’ll. For now, I’ll just say that it was a wonderful day, full of wonderful people, with wonderful weather, and I can’t imagine how it could have gone any better. Special!

I’ve been loving so many little things lately (other then my extra handsome and lovely new HUSBAND!!!), and I thought I’d share some of them with you. A reminder to take pleasure in the small things!

First, I made a spendy splurge a few weeks back and bought myself this too cute salt cellar. I just love seeing it perched on my kitchen counter, atop my tea tin. I ordered it from this Etsy Shop, which is currently closed down temporarily so that the maker/seller can catch up on orders. And I can see why. I love her stuff. I’ve already got my heart set on her Mushroom Sugar Bowl.


I’ve been loving fresh flowers. I’m trying to eat healthier, in order to feel better and have a little more energy, so when I manage to behave myself at the grocery store and buy only healthy items, I sometimes reward myself with flowers. These gladiolus were on sale from something crazy cheap, like $4 for 10 stems, so I bought two bunches and enjoyed them on our dining room table for days. A lot of people are reminded of funerals when they see gladiolus, but I’m always reminded of my Aunt Freda, who grew beautiful glads all around her house.


As I type this, I’m loving one three of these blueberry muffins. They’re seriously delicious. Light, moist, blueberry laden, with a crunchy little top. I followed the recipe almost exactly, swapping out 1 cup of white flour for 1 cup of wheat flour instead. They’re dangerous. So much for my healthy eating scheme. At least they’re made from scratch, right? No preservatives? Fruit filled?  I can convince myself they’re sorta good for me.



I’m loving pom-poms! Not new. I’ve always loved pom-poms, but I’m particularly smitten with the way these pom-poms look hanging from the end of a scarf that I just finished crocheting and blocking today. Instructions for the scarf stitch can be found here.


I’m loving hand embroidery. I wish I could say this work was mine, but it’s not. Ad and I were given this hand embroidered linen from Cyprus as a wedding gift. I can’t help but think that the embroidered bits below would make an awesome crafty inspired tattoo. I’m going to have to dwell on this.


I’m loving dried rosemary from my garden, and I’m really really loving the color palette in the photos below. Silvery green, grey, mustard, warm browns – next crochet project? I’ve read that the leftover stems of dried rosemary sprigs make great kabob sticks because they’re strong and straight, but I’ve got other plans for mine which I will leave for another post. Oooooh, anticipation!





I’m loving apriums with Bird’s custard. A cross between an apricot and a plum. Who knew? I actually just bought them because I thought they were really pretty.



In my opinion Bird’s custard reliably turns any fruit into a dessert (this is why I’m not thin), plus it makes me feel extra British. Which I’m pretty into right now….since the next thing I’m loving is my British Passport which declares in tiny little letters that I am a British Citizen!!! Something I’ve been waiting to say for years, and it feels so good. One step closer to living the dream folks. One step closer.


I hope you’re all having weeks full of little things to love. I’m off to mop the kitchen floor. I do not love this.

6 thoughts on “Love List

  1. Sat down this morning and read your latest. You are so very good at finding the lemonaide in what others might see as lemons. You live the good life wherever you are. Congrats on your new dual citizenship. Loved being with you in Pennsylvania. Love you!

  2. Ali, why are you a British citizen now? What did you do to get it? And I was looking for the BB muffin recipe too! The wedding was beautiful and you thought of a lot of little things to do that made it special. Per your request, we donated to the animal thingy for your wedding gift. Keep crafting and you’ll stay happy.

    • I just had to apply for a British passport. I was eligible for citizenship because my dad is still a British citizen. So now I’m a dual citizen! Thank you for the donation to Greyhound Pets of America 🙂

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