An Evening of Riparian Entertainment

I stole that title from an episode of Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is my spirit animal. For those of you who don’t know what the word riparian means (this was me until very recently) ….

riparian (adjective): of, relating to, or situated on the banks of a river

So the title fits, because this is a post about walking down the back field of my childhood home in Pennsylvania, along the creek. Normal people call a creek a river. I call my river a creek.




IMG_0324 IMG_0312




I am so lucky. There are beavers in my creek! They’ve built a sturdy dam and because they’re nocturnal, you can catch them out shortly before dark. We haven’t been able to spot their lodge. My grandpa suspects they have dug into the bank underneath where we stand instead of building a lodge, but of course we can’t see. In the photo below you can see how their dam is constructed.


On one evening, I spotted an adult and two babies. Unfortunately the babies were too small and far away to get any good pictures of, but I did get a video of the adult beaver chowing down on some willow.

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