Fun with a Staple Gun

I’m overdue. For the last several weeks I haven’t felt much like blogging. I also haven’t felt much like cooking, or cleaning my house, or doing my laundry – but that’s pretty standard for me. I’ve gotten behind on so many projects, and I really hate when that happens. My goal for the last week or so has been to finish the 500 things that I’ve started. So far so good! I’ve finished a few Christmas gifts, and have made some progress on my reupholstering project.

I use the word reupholstering very lightly, because this is my first (and possibly last) attempt. We have a fairly ugly set of table and chairs that we got in a thrift store back in Madison. The price was right, $35.00 or so for the bunch, and we wanted something to put in our kitchen. It’s now being used in our “dining room”, which is actually just the small half of the living room, and you can see it first thing when you walk in the front door. It does the job, but isn’t really our style (because we are not middle aged and living in 1975). We’ve picked out a new table at Ikea which we’re picking up this weekend, but I really didn’t want to spend money on new chairs. We’ll need to buy at least 2, to fill out the table when it has all of it’s leaves in, but we both actually kind of like the funky feel of the current chairs. The ripped vinyl upholstery had to go though. It was awful. So I ordered some fabric, had Ad buy a staple gun, and I went to town! With minimal injury which I think is pretty impressive. I have one chair completely done, and the other 3 partially completed. I ordered the fabric from this website, and it cost about $40.00. Add that to whatever one spends on a staple gun, and I’ve spent way less than I would have if I bought new chairs entirely.





Not bad, right? So as not to overwork myself after the completion of one lonely chair, I quit working, made raspberry hand pies, and then ate four of them while binge watching Midsomer Murders for the ninth time. Because I’m an adult and I’m allowed to do that! The hand pie recipe was from Martha Stewart. I usually have fairly good luck with her recipes, as long as they are the simple ones. Things tend to go awry when I try the more complicated ones. These turned out really well, yummy insides with a flaky crust – I’ll be saving this recipe for sure.




Maybe fig and apple next?

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