Orange Time!

The long awaited day has come! The oranges on the tree in our backyard are ripe, and they are absolutely delicious. I usually don’t eat oranges because I hate peeling them and they’re never very good when they come from the store. But these are so tasty, and so easy to peel, almost like big clementines. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, citrus trees are such a novelty to me. I remember the first time I went to Greece and I was amazed that all of the trees planted along the sidewalks were oranges and lemons, full of fruit.


Gardening in Texas has been a bit disappointing if I’m honest. I thought things would just grow like mad because of the heat and moisture, but I was wrong. It’s either incredibly hot and dry, or it rains buckets and drowns everything. The fig tree and the tomato plans were both a flop, as was the lettuce. I might get some broccoli if I’m lucky, and maybe some leeks although that’s a long shot because I’ve never ever grown them before. But I’m thanking God for the oranges!

And the boost of Vitamin C has come just in time I think. I’ve been feeling a bit worn down. I actually treated myself to a nap this afternoon, which is unheard of for me. I never nap because I always wake up cranky, but I could not keep my eyes open today. Part of it is my work schedule. I’m working retail now, which is new for me. Hard work being on your feet for 8 hours a day! We’re getting increasingly busy as the holidays approach as well. I only woke up from my nap today when the lady across the street started shop vac-ing her yard. Yes, you read that right. She rakes her yard, scoops the leaves up, and then shop vacs the rest of the leaves out of her grass and off of her driveway. Her yard is immaculate. I’m not judging, because mine looks absolutely terrible, but it is a bit odd. I’d love to see her backyard though. I’m sure it’s amazing.

When not at work, my head has been lodged firmly in the crafty game. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I started making a teeny tiny quilt. When finished, it will only measure something like 14 x 12 inches. I’ve also dug out my wool roving to finish off the acorn tops that I pick up during my walks with the dog. I’ll scatter some of the those on our Thanksgiving table and call it good! I won’t even go into the ten thousand crochet projects I’m in the middle of. I hate having so many projects on the go, but somehow I seem to forget that every time I start a new one!




Anyone else elbow deep in projects? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

13 thoughts on “Orange Time!

  1. My ironing…..on on going project 🙂 Love the acorns, that has given me an idea. Also I made tiny quilts for my dolls house, what are you going to do with yours 🙂 By the way we have limes, but the oranges did set, yours look wonderful 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, love everything you make, point is coming up and I just finished 4 more fruitcakes, I really like the ones I make. Ha Ha I have decided I need a break so am taking one from crafts, food making I don’t think of as crafts. I will be making my balck walnut pie and other goodies. Keep up the good work.

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