World’s Worst Blogger!

Oh it’s been so long! I’ve been a busy bee – work, work, work, home for Christmas, work, work, nanny, work, nanny, nanny, work, etc. Not much to tell you about really. My crafty endeavors have been minimal, but I did manage a sheepy bib for a new baby! Cute, right?

So in an effort to briefly update you, here is what I’ve accomplished today:

  1. Unsuccessfully began knitting a sock several times.
  2. Began crocheting a very ugly hat.
  3. Left the dog outside for several hours because I forget I put him out there.
  4. Ate ice cream for breakfast.
  5. Dribbled breakfast ice cream on my pajamas.
  6. Answered the door in my ice creamed pajamas, sans bra – sorry neighbor!
  7. Looked for neighbor’s lost cat.
  8. Fell in love with Miranda Hart.
  9. Brushed cat.
  10. Failed to stop dog from eating cat food.

Overall, a very successful day I’d say!

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