Waste Not Baby Sweater

I hate waste, and I love color – and that’s how I ended up making this super chunky, stripey, colorful baby sweater.


I have a basket of tiny yarn balls of all delicious colors, left over from other projects, that I couldn’t bare to just toss out.


I followed the pullover pattern in Candi Jensen’s book Crochet in a Day for Baby. Most of the yarn I used was worsted, although one or two colors were of a lighter weight. That’s why it’s a teeny bit misshapen in places.


And I ended up with this darling sweater that I absolutely cannot part with. I don’t have children, nor do I plan on having any for the next few years, but I love this sweater so much that I just have to keep it, shoved in some drawer, until the time comes.


Maybe I need to make a me sized one!

3 thoughts on “Waste Not Baby Sweater

  1. I can see why you want to keep it; it’s really cute. And every time you look at it,you’ll remember other things you made using that same wool.

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